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Trucking Business E-Books :

(Forms Only) Quick & Simple Record Keeping System For O/Os (Requires printed book purchase)

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Trucking Business E-Book Titles:

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Small Motor Carrier Start-Up

Small Motor Carrier - StartUp and Business Plan

Dreaming of your own small motor carrier? Here's your guide! Concise and practical, this quick read provides the foundation for making your dream come true. Tips on finding a niche, writing a business plan for your banker and whether you should have partners are included. Get your future started with this introductory volume in the Small Motor Carriers series written by a quarter-century veteran trucker.


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Small Motor Carrier Customer Service

Small Motor Carrier - Customer Service

Small Motor Carriers is a series of eBooks by nationally-recognized trucking expert Tim Brady, a name well-known in trucking for comprehensive information from years of trucking business management experience. 

"Customer Service," book one in the series, guides you in load planning, teaching drivers better customer service techniques and working with shippers for a great outcome - every time.


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Marketing Your Motor Carrier
When the economy freezes, marketing is often one of the first things slated for budget cuts in most companies. But marketing is what brings you new shippers, new freight lanes, new business. You can’t afford not to market your motor carrier’s special services and great rates. Without getting the word out, your motor carrier is stalled before it starts. Use these tips to generate more leads for your sales staff.


Driven 4 Profits
An Owner/ Operators Guide to Keeping More of the Money You Earn

Trucking 101: The ‘how to keep more of the money you earn’ manual You know how to make money. This manual will show you how to keep more of what you earn through: Record Keeping; Cash Flow Management; Tax Planning; Financial Data; Preventive Maintenance for Owner/Operators. Co-authored by Esta Klatzkin, EA, small business and trucking tax expert and Tim Brady Owner/Operator and small trucking company owner, this is the first book any trucker or future lease operator should have in his library.


Seven Secrets of a Successful Trucking Company
170 pages of the secrets to owning and operating your own motor carrier.

Learn to keep the cash flowing as your trucks are rolling. Each chapter presents logical solutions to problems inherent in managing a successful motor carrier. And these solutions, while based on best business practices, are carefully tailored to the trucking industry itself. Why try to glean information from textbooks detailing steps in traditional, hide-bound businesses that have no bearing on the lean, nimble, instant-response carrier you must build to survive this new economy? From drafting your flexible trucking company business plan to building a logistics team, to profit making lane density strategy and the cornerstone of superb customer service, this book takes you into success mode.


Quick & Simple Record Keeping System For O/Os
(with Forms) (E-Book Version) 

The second book co-authored by Esta Klatzkin, EA, small Business and trucking tax expert and Tim Brady, Owner/Operator and small trucking company owner. Here Klatzkin and Brady have assembled the most complete record keeping system specifically for truckers. This book provides you with the system to track all your receipts and expenses and the means to record them and have them ready for your accountant or computer book keeping program. It takes less than five minutes a day and thirty minutes at the end of each month to have all your financial books in order. And whoever keeps your books will love utilizing this quick and simple system. It also has a chapter outlining the 30 most common deductions for truckers and how to determine if an expense is deductible.

Forms For - Quick & Simple Record Keeping System For O/Os
(Bound Book version Forms Only) 

These are the necessary forms for your bound copy of Quick & Simple Record Keeping which you previously purchased. These forms require the passcode included in the book to open. PRINTED BOOK AVAILABLE FROM (An Associate bookseller) The E-Book version includes all forms and labels.

PLEASE NOTE: Requires passcode from book

Free with purchase of printed book



Smile Marker E-Book Titles

  E-book Title / Description Item #
Everything I Know About Trucking I Learned From My CB
It’s Open Season on the green drivers when this E-Book rolls up its covers and starts in on the hapless newbie, trying to learn ‘How To Truck’ in ten easy lessons. You’ll be laughing too hard to share any of the jokes with your friends, so make them download their own copies. This e-Book makes it plain why advice columnists never ask questions of CB radio users – and why so many drivers new to the wild n’ wooly world of trucking will never admit it.


The Cha-Ching of Trucking
Fortune cookies are known for their little bits of wisdom, but there haven’t been any written just for truck drivers … until now. It’s kind of like combining the ancient “I Ching” book of wisdom with common sense. That’s the way truckers wind up with the cookie, and not just the crumbs. Like fortune cookies? Like small, easily-digestible bits of common sense? Then you’re going to enjoy this E-Book–and it’s fat-free, no sugar, no calories–a little bit politically incorrect, but fun.


Right Seat Cover’s Log Book
For thoughts and impressions, directions and sketches; addresses and phone numbers of new friends and old: the American road and the lives along it. This gem contains words of wisdom, thoughts of inspirationand some really funny stuff. It becomes a simple means of journaling what happens, what you see and who you meet on the highway of life. Life’s road is too long not to write about it.


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