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Cargo theft prevention tips for the holidays
Holidays like the long upcoming Independence Day weekend may serve as a respite for man from the workaday world, but for cargo thieves, they represent a golden opportunity to steal freight. Here are some tips to help keep your load more secure.

Cargo theft remains a big problem for the trucking industry and the freight world as a whole – a problem the leads to losses of some $15 billion to $30 billion a year, according to figures compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as you’ll see in the pages that follow.

And yet our nation’s top law enforcement agency believes that $15 billion to $30 billion figure may actually be too low, as cargo crime remains an under-reported and, yes, often unspoken affliction affecting the freight business.

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Tire pressure imbalance: Why it’s a problem
When the inflation pressures between a set of dual tires on either tractor or trailer axles are not properly in balance, bad things can happen.

As product manager for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) at Bendix, Jon Intagliata intimately knows how even a small difference in tire inflation pressures can reduce fuel economy and decrease expected tire life and the dangerous those conditions can create..

It’s common knowledge that the right tire inflation pressure is a major factor in vehicle safety, tire life, fuel efficiency, and operating costs. Less frequently discussed, though, is the specific issue of pressure imbalance in dual-tire wheel-ends

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TravelCenters to offer military members free meals on July 4
Over 170 full-service restaurants within the TravelCenters of America LLC and Petro Stopping Centers are participating nationwide.

The TA Restaurant Group, a division of TravelCenters of America LLC (which includes the Petro Stopping Centers chain as well), is once again inviting all active duty military, veterans and reservists with proof of service to enjoy a complimentary meal on July 4 at one of 170 participating Country Pride or Iron Skillet sit-down restaurants across the U.S.

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