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How do I take my trucking company to the next level?
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TruckersU Business Coach and Mentoring Service
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Trucking Business Coach


Education and Knowledge for Truckers

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Learn the Trucking Business through online business courses, learning guides,  books, articles along with business coaching by a leading industry expert with nearly 40 years in trucking.

All Courses and Books are designed with the owner/operator, micro and small trucking companies needs in mind.
Join us to Know The Trucking Business.

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Business SuccessBusiness Courses & Learning Guides

Business Courses:
Popular WebCourses are made available through DigitalChalk.com for participants needing to take courses on their schedules. Check and see what courses are available here.

Learning Guides
With the ‘on the go’ aspect of running a trucking business, it’s difficult to schedule taking a live webcast. As an alternative, we offer downloadable PDF Document and mp3 audio workshops with study guides for an on-the-run learning experience.

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Trucking Books


 One of the challenges every trucker faces regardless of whether he’s on the road or she’s sitting behind a desk is when these truckers need information immediately. Waiting for even a day can be problematic. E-books resolve this “Wait” problem by instant delivery of the much-needed resource. TruckerU.com’s E-Books are instantly available 24/7/365 wherever you are. 

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Print Books

TruckersU Print Books are available through Amazon.com
Linking below will take you to Timothy D. Brady’s Amazon Author’s Page where you will find Trucking books written by Brady.

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Business Coach

As the owner of a motor carrier, you need to be either in the office dealing with the daily challenges of owning a trucking company or on the road hauling shipments to paying customers.

You can’t afford giving up valuable time sitting in a classroom for two or three days or traveling to a location that doesn’t provide you the revenue to keep your operation humming.

The answer: TruckersU Business Coach and Mentoring Service

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