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Business Coach and Mentor

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As the owner of a motor carrier you need to be either in the office dealing with the daily challenges of owning a trucking company or on the road hauling shipments to paying customers.


You can’t afford giving up valuable time sitting in a classroom for two or three days, or traveling to a location that doesn’t provide you the revenue to keep your operation humming.


But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times you need someone to bounce ideas off of or have questions about challenges you face in your day-to-day operations. How can you do this without paying a large sum of your hard-earned cash or taking time away from your business?


The answers: TruckersU Business Coach or Mentoring Service


Now, if you've got questions or a situation you’d like to discuss with a trucking business expert, this "On The Road’ service can help you – and you won’t have to leave your truck or office. Our Business Expert has nearly 40 years in the trucking business and 46 years as a successful entrepreneur.


You have a choice of two different programs.

The Business Coach - An 'as you need it' service.

Business Mentoring Service - Long-range Solutions.


The Trucking Business Coach is an ‘as you need it’ service. This program provides immediate coaching services to solve a pressing problem or to test the waters of a new idea. Pay for your first hour below using the PURCHASE HERE  link then call the Coaching Hot Line at 731-749-8567 and schedule an appointment with our Trucking Business Expert Timothy Brady. His staff will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule; after all, he’s been in your boots and knows what keeping a trucker’s schedule is like.


Have Brady’s expertise at your beck and call to help you make more money and keep more of what you earn. Take notes and ask him questions while you’re pulled over in the comfort of your cab, or at your office desk, and without losing a single moment or mile in running your business. 

The TruckersU Business Coach One-Hour Coaching Session    $75.00

to pay for 1 hour of Phone Coaching. Then Call 731-749-8567 to schedule your coaching session.

  • An Immediate Challenge Facing Your Trucking Operation

  • Finding your Break-Even Point

  • How to Say 'No' to Cheap Freight

  • Negotiating Skills for the Highest Rates

  • Managing Your Expenses to Maximize the Money You Take Home

  • Business Plan Basics

  • Marketing Plan Basics

  • Hauling Rate Structure

  • Record Keeping System

  • Cash Flow and Budgeting

  • Finding and Securing Shipping Customers

  • Expanding Your Operation

  • Setting Up an Audit-Ready Safety Department Filing System.

TruckersU Mentoring Service meets the long-range needs in developing a new trucking business or taking an existing motor carrier to the next level. 

It requires at least a 3-month commitment from you with a fee of $1500 ($500 per month). You have no time limit as to the number of hours you spend in one-on-one mentoring sessions each month; but bear in mind your time will be determined by Brady’s availability.

During your first session, explain to Brady what challenges your company is facing; he’ll ask questions and evaluate your needs. Then Brady will help you develop specific goals for your trucking company. Once Brady has assisted you in determining your goals, he will provide you with solutions and resource materials for accomplishing your objectives within those three months.
Ready for action? 

To schedule a no cost evaluation to determine if engaging our Trucking Expert will bring value to your operation email Mr. Brady using the contact link below.

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