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Mamies Gas-Up & Go Cafe'

Well, everbody, seems I’ve been picked by Mamie herself to kinda write a memwire of
how her lil’ place got famous. I’m Miles Wheeler, an’ up until a short while
ago, I held the title of the Oldest Truck Driver in the world, still fillin’
out a log book at 110. But Nadine (now the Oldest Truck Stop Waitress in the
World), an’ I decided we needed to make way for the young’uns coming up in the
trucking companies, so we both work at Mamie’s Gas Up & Go an’ help her
out, me at the diesel pumps an’ Nadine keeps the coffee pourin’, plus matchin’
tall truckin’ tales with the best of ‘em.

So anyways, the very first Mamie’s happened along in 1860. That fine lady was
Mamie’s great-great grandmother, and of course her name was Mamie Two, because
she was named after her mother. The first Mamie’s was a stagecoach stop,
an’ it was a nice place, with a really good restaurant an’ stables out back for
the horses to rest while new teams were hitched to the stage. Passengers were
always pleasantly surprised to come in for a real home-cooked meal, because
there weren’t many places to even get water along the first stagecoach lines,
let alone somethin’ like fresh baked bread, inch-thick pork chops, mashed
potatoes an’ gravy. Her pies was already legendary – someone claimed Matthew
Brady, the famous photographer, once took a picture of a serving of Mamie Two’s
apple pie. Don’t know ‘bout that one.

Truthfully, my memory may mix up a few details here an’ there, but I’m gonna try to tell
you the straight of everthin, ‘cause Mamie’s story deserves to be told. And I
want to mention some of the characters – an’ I do mean characters – that ate
regular at Mamie’s. They just don’t make truckers like some of them any more –
or troopers, for that matter. Lots of stories there, sad ones an’ funny, even
romances ( though I’ll probly let Nadine write about those), drama, conflict,
good guys an bad guys – gals too.  

I’ll be here onct a week, talkin ‘bout old times. ‘Til then, keep it between the
ditches, kids. An’ remember, there’s always a parkin’ space at Mamie’s.


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