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Nadine here. Wasn’t that a nice Google Doodle to salute health care workers, first responders and farmers? Now they need to salute another group that’s often overlooked even though they’re on the front lines too. You know who ol’ Nadine’s talkin’ about – yep, truckers. You-all.

I’m talkin’ to all the guys and gals out there, runnin’ the suddenly-quiet highways, gettin’ medical supplies an’ food ever place in our great country that needs those things to fight our common enemy, Covid-19. America has got to have its trucks to keep going. And that means YOU are more than just necessary.

Truckers are made of strong stuff, and that means they hang on, when the truck’s full and the coffee cup’s empty. They still keep goin’.

So gear jammers, you just remember Nadine and Miles are rootin’ for you. Onct you’re pulled over for the night, I’d tuck you in like your Mama would, an’ say, “Nite-nite!” Don’t forget your PTI in the mornin’, fill out your logbook neatly (or don’t cuss out the EOBR) and have a doughnut an’ cup of coffee with me, at Mamie’s. If you can’t get here, I’m at the counter in spirit wherever you’re at, sweetie.

Chin up, kids. We’ll beat this thing.
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