Road Skill

Nadine whaps some manners into a customer

TruckSuds: a truckin’ soap opera Hey, everbody. Short of time today, but wanted to share somethin’ that happened last Monday. You know my wife, Nadine, is a mite feisty at times. If she suddenly got reincarnatated, she’d be the chihuahua challenging a St. Bernard. That’s jus’ her nature. Remember when…

Trouble at the Truckstop

TruckSuds – a truckin’ soap opera It got a little lively around here last week. Clarissa had gotten herself kinda settled in lookin’ after my sister, Flora, and her lil’ cat that had a broken wrist too. She refused to let my sis pay her for the help, though, ’cause…

Mamies Gas-Up & Go Cafe'

Real life at the truckstop

TruckSuds: a truckin’ soap opera Miles here. Strange happenin’s at Mamie’s this week. I’d just finished fillin’ the paper towel dispensers and windshield washer containers at the fuel islands when a kinda battered, older rig pulled into the far island. Wouldn’t have noticed except there seemed to be a real…

Mamies Gas-Up & Go Cafe'

B.A. and the Driverless Truck

Hey, everbody, Miles here agin. Heard a commotion over in the second dining area th’ other day at Mamie’s so I thought I’d just amble in an’ see what’s goin’ on. Of course, it’s drivers, all hangin’ on T-Dawg’s ever word. So I pulled me up a chair, an’ you may as well, too, ‘cause this story’s a good one.

On a Hammock

Road Skill – Planning a Vacation

Taking a vacation is something many micro-motor carriers place on the back burner. The trucker either thinks he can’t afford it or his business will go down the tubes if he takes time off. On the contrary. As far-fetched as this may seem, a vacation is possible with a bit of planning and foresight.

Trucking business courses

Road Skills – Success – Go Get It

As anyone who goes into business discovers, there are no guarantees when it comes to making money as an entrepreneur. It’s a learning process with each business. Learn from each business the skills that can be applied to the next one. Each enterprise develops a life pattern of its own.

Mamies Gas-Up & Go Cafe'

Newbie or not?

TruckSuds: a truckin’ soap opera Howdy from Miles, everbody. Hope your highway’s straight and your EOBR is too. A few days ago, some of the long-time truckers decided to ‘help’ a new trucker out with all kinds of advice. Well, naturally, I just had to listen in on that –…