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The end?

Not quite. Truck Suds A truckin’ soap opera Miles here. We had some reg’lar readers send emails an such, wondrin’ what-all was goin’ on with my blog. Kinda missed it, they said. Thank you kindly for sayin’ that. This’ll be the last blog edition of TruckSuds, though, as Nadine says…

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Thanks, truckers

Nadine here. Wasn’t that a nice Google Doodle to salute health care workers, first responders and farmers? Now they need to salute another group that’s often overlooked even though they’re on the front lines too. You know who ol’ Nadine’s talkin’ about – yep, truckers. You-all.

Mamies Gas-Up & Go Cafe'

Cat House on Wheels

Seems Flora recently had kind of a rough time of it, her and the five cats. Some mouse snuck into her little RV last week and the cats just went crazy. The RV was rockin’ back and forth and jumpin’ up and down, leanin’ first one way and then the other until Flora thought for sure they were all going to be capsized like that fishin’ boat in “A Perfect Storm.